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The Horse – Short Essay


The horse has a strong and beautiful body. He has four legs and a long beautiful tail. His neck looks very beautiful. Horses are of many sizes and colours. He is a very useful animal. He is harnessed to carriages. He is used for riding and ploughing. Some horses are specially trained to be used in battles and processions. He carries heavy loads  specially in hilly countries. The horses eats grass and grams. He is very faithful to his  master. Warriors are very fond of their horses.


My classroom – Short Essay in English (150 words)

My classroom

Our class sits in a room in the upper storey. It is 25 feet long and 20 feet wide. There are two doors, four windows and 8 ventilators. The walls are painted with bright colors. The floor is made of wooden. Our room is airy, open and well ventilated.

There are 20 tables 40 chairs. The tables are arranged in 5 rows of 4 tables each. There are 2 chairs at each table. In front there is a raised wooden platform. The teacher’s table, chair and a blackboard are placed on the platform. There is an almirah for the use of teachers.

The walls  are decorated with beautiful pictures, cartoon characters,  maps, diagrams and mottoes. A smart board is also there in our class. The time table and charts hung on the front wall. It is kept perfectly neat and clean.


My Pet Dog – Short Essay

My Pet Dog

I have a little pet dog. I call it puppy. I love it very much. When I come from school it comes running towards me. It lies at my feet, wags its tail and licks my hand. I feed it with my own hand. I wash it with soap. It follows me when I go out for a walk. It has a collar round its neck. It is very faithful and intelligent. It keeps watch at night. I should not like to part with it.


The School Playground

The School Playground

There is a good playground in our school. It is just close to the school. It has green grass looking like green velvet all round the ground.

There are green shrubs which are beautifully trimmed. There is a gardener to water and look after it. It is divided into 4 parts. We play football, hockey, cricket and volleyball. It is compulsory for every student to take part in games. Each game is in the charge of a teacher. The games begin at half past five.

It is pleasant sight to see all the students at play. The headmaster and the Teachers join the games. There is a wave of joy and happiness everywhere. All look  bright happy and jolly.




India is the land of fairs and festivals. The Hindus, Muslims, and the Christians have their own festivals. Holi is an important festivals of Hindus. It’s the festival of joy and happiness. It is celebrated every in the month of March when the spring season pervades everywhere.

The legend behind it- The festival of Holi is celebrated in the memory of devotee Prahlad. His father,  Hiranyakashyap, tortured him much but he did not give up his faith in god. Hiranyakashyap asked his sister, Holika, who when sit in fire she doesn’t burn to sit in burning fire with Prahlad. Holika was burnt to ashes but Prahlad was remained safe.

How it is celebrated- On the day of holi aheep of sticks is burnt. Women and men sing folk songs. They sprinkle colors and water on one another. They also use colored powder. Children smear colors on faces of one another even the oldest people pass mischievous remarks on one another. It removes social inequality. It creates the feelings of friendliness and mutual relationship among the people.


Short Essay on Time is Money

Time is money

It is rightly said that the time is most precious than money. Money once lost can be regained sooner or later, but time once lost is lost forever. There is a famous saying that time and tide wait for none.

A lost opportunity may spoil once life. Those who do not listen to the alarm of time, repent afterwards. A wise person waits for the proper and opportune time. If he makes full use of it he leads a successful and happy life. It is no doubt advisable to change the plans according to the time. Whatever the job be, it is of paramount importance for everyone to make use of time to be successful. Hence learn not to waste time.


Pollution essay for kids


The modern man in the name of progress has interfered too much with nature. As a result, environment has become polluted. Step by step, the precious gifts of nature are being destroyed. There are three kinds of pollution such as:

Air pollutions- Air pollutions are mostly caused by smoke coming out of the chimneys of factories, mills or workshops etc. Air pollutions may cause lung diseases, asthma, eye flu, headache etc.

Water pollution- Water is the basis of life but greed of man to get more and more money pollutes it. The owner of industries dump waste materials on the surface of earth or in rivers, lakes, ponds etc. Thus water is polluted. People uses this polluted water and invite a number of diseases.

Noise pollutions- Noise more than that of 80 decibels is said to cause deafness and some other diseases. In large cities the roar of vehicles is unbearable. Their engines and horns create noise pollutions which is harmful for people’s physical as well as mental health.


Short essay about friendship in 100 words

When a Shakespeare says-”A friend in need is a friend indeed”, he define friendship in a nutshell. It is the greatest virtue of humanity. It is one of  the greatest gifts God has bestowed upon man. Friendship has it’s root in the origin of the universe. Ever since the mankind came into being the elements of friendship cropped up. A friend is said to be another himself. A true friend is a divine entity who not only provide timely assistance but also closely watches his friend’s steps. A true friend is a perfect embodiment of the best guide. It is always unconditional. It is natural flow of  love between two hearts. It is not merely a duty but a worship that spreads the perfume of divinity.


A visit to a hospital


Those who do not take care about their health, they suffered from diseases and have to admit in hospital. Once I went to meet my uncle there. He was admitted in the General ward. The surroundings of the hospital was attractive, neat and clean. There were different wards like-surgical wards, medical wards, etc. The patients were under the care of nurses and doctors. Nurses were dressed in white. They noted their temperature and give them necessary diet. They felt pulse.

Patients were lying the whole day. They were often sad and gloomy. The head of the of the doctors visited in the morning. He made inquiries about patients and gave instructions. There was a fixed time for visitors also. A ward is generally silent place.

But it was pity that some doctors and nurses were greedy and careless. They do not do much for the patients till they got money from them. The servant in the ward had to be tipped for their work.


A day in an orphanage


On my birthday, we decided to celebrate it in different way. We went to Mother Teresa Ashram.

First I and my younger sister played with the children. I distributed them games and materials like bat, ball, chocolates,etc. We decorated the hall with balloons and flowers. Then we celebrated the birthday. The mother and other sisters gave me blessings. The children presented me flowers to show their feelings for me.

Then, we had our lunch with them. We enjoyed their the whole day. It is our duty to help them. After coming back to home, I felt very sad fate of these orphans.