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My Pet Dog – Short Essay

My Pet Dog

I have a little pet dog. I call it puppy. I love it very much. When I come from school it comes running towards me. It lies at my feet, wags its tail and licks my hand. I feed it with my own hand. I wash it with soap. It follows me when I go out for a walk. It has a collar round its neck. It is very faithful and intelligent. It keeps watch at night. I should not like to part with it.


My Pet Dog

Many people keep animals or birds as pet. Some people keep birds, others keep cats.

Many people keep dogs as pets. I too have a pet dog. My dog belongs to Pomerian breed. it is white in colour. I call it Max. His body is covered with soft, white fur. Max is small, active, smart and runs very fast.

I love my pet dog. I take great care of it and give him bath. Every morning I take him out for walk. Thus I too am able to have a walk every morning. I feel my dog personally. I give him biscuits, bread and milk and an egg every day, and twice a week I give him meat.

In Max, I have a loving and faithful companion. He accompanies me when I move around the house or in compound. He is very fond of playing ball. I throw the ball and my dog runs after it and brings it back to me.

My pet dog is also a good watchdog. At night Max guards the house, and is very sensitive to sound. He begins to bark at the slightest noise. He keeps barking till we get up and so does the duty of a good watchman.

My pet dog is very intelligent and alert. He barks at people but does not bite them. He plays with small children and likes their company and is very fond of all the members of our family.

We love our dog very much. Visitors to our house love Max too. When we go out we take the dog in the car with us. When we go out of station, we buy a ticket for Max too and take him with us.

A dog is the most faithful of all animals. It is very devoted to his master. So someone has rightly said that human beings are second to dogs in showing gratitude.


My Pet – My pet animal cat short essay

My pet animal cat

I have a pet cat. It’s name is Winkie. It’s white and grey in color. It has lovely green eyes. It is very soft and furry. It eats fish and drinks milk. It plays with me when I come back from school. It likes to play with ball in the garden. It loves me and shows it’s love by licking me when I come back from school.  It sleeps in a small basket near my bed. I love my pet very much and take care of it.

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